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Hey, here is my latest game, Excitebike. I started working on this after I heard about Excitetruck for the Wii. I stopped working on it for a while (for my Silent flash) but it is now finished and I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to read the instructions first before playing and have fun.

There are 3 different game modes, they are:
1. Raceing - Race against 3 other excitebikes
2. Endless - how long can you go without crashing?
3. Daredevil - How many Excitetrucks can you clear?

Be sure to visit Psy City for more games and movies.

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My Nes I Miss You Too Much :(


So this was at least an entertaining game the idea of it was pretty fun I do wish you made it more fun and more ways to interact with the gameplay and that's just really my tip of the day for this game so more interactivity and not so easy other then that this was an ok game and kind of fun honestly

More interactivity


i got to space in endless mode but how the freak is that possile?! (if i offense you, im not trying)

Well, that was a game with some weird mechanics, but I enjoyed it overall. It's probably because I can't really lose. I guess you just hit space at the very beginning. Seriously, that's it? You just play the rest of the game doing nothing except tricks? Well, I can like easy stuff.

The music's fine. I never played the original game. I feel bad on all the stuff I missed out on as a kid. Endless really was endless. I wish you could go back to the menu there. Raceing is my favorite.

Still as addicting as when I first discovered it :U