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My WTC Tribute

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Author Comments

I made this just to tell i care about everyone that was effected by WTC attack, I know its not the best movie but its my tribute to all the souls that died or were ruined. Thank You
Garrett Naylor.
I think in respect for all who died in the WTC attack we should Put WTC after our username..Like razor_bladeWTC, I think this should spread to all.

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A nice Tribute

So this was a nice little "TRIBUTE" you have here there could have been much more content on this one, it was an entertaining little tribute though, I do wish the "VIEW-SCREEN" was a tad larger but overall this was a nice film you have created here.

more content and larger view screen.


Why are WTC tributes so lacking in skill?

You'd think that people would want to put very much effort into making a WTC tribute, but instead they are usually all the same. Some half-assed pixelated pictures, bare minimum animation, and a blob of text. I'm not attacking your movie specifically, but I'm speaking out about 90% of the WTC movies. Jeez, when will someone make a stand and make a movie that actually has some degree of satire in it?

By the way, it's not really just ONE tragedy since another plane DID happen to crash into the Pentagon. Besides, I would have said "Then thousand tragedies" instead of "One tragedy" because of how many innocents were killed needlessly.


Well I dont agree with u about the WTC

If u r american (which i think u r) or canadian u probally dont relise more 6 year old girls in a africa die in a day from AIDS than in the WTC.
If you do relise this, y dont u make a moving flash about that, or something funny about sept 11 like a CNN view and have adds like "CNN has the more news desks than any other news team,... and a news desk on every corner in New your just in case something happens again"
Try harder next time
I dont care if its moving.
The only reason this is still on NG is because it happend in america

It had heart.

Unfortunately, heart doesn't make for great flash. It was moving, but that's more because of the feelings I hold regarding the deaths of some five thousand of my fellow human beings than because this tribute was so great. It was mostly still photos and what was animated was somewhat rough.
I feel for you. Too many people still cannot grasp what an incredibly historical event the 9/11 attacks were, and they may never will. Their hearts just aren't mature enough...and a part of me, somewhere underneath all the walls I've built, all the leather and make-up, there's a part that really saddens.
"When one has built too many walls inside them to cry, their tears will fall from the eyes of those around them. Their sorrow will flow as a river, crashing against a dam, and it will find outlet elsewhere."

Nice tribute, bad movie.

There wasn't really anything special about this. Just a moderadtly, somewhat well-done flash. I'm trying to think back to 9/16/2001, (the day this movie came out) and rate it as though I was watching it then.

I like it. Nice tribute, hearts in the right place. This movie wasn't really ment to be super entertaining.

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2001
3:59 PM EDT