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Bass EXE Vs Sigma

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OK! After my 2 flops I decided to fix the story and give you some suggestions (READ IT BEFORE THE MOVIE):
1) The story isn't important! It's only a simple flash which I submitt on NewGrounds. I didn't pay attention to the storyline, which is simple shit (a little battle between two characters of Megaman X and Megaman EXE, Sigma and Bass).
2) If someone doesn't like all the story, go to Scene 2
3) The voices are the same(I edit only a few them), but the next flash will have better ones
4)If you don't like sprite movie, DON'T watch it.
OK, In the meanwhile I'm doing another Flash movies: The sequel of this and a trailer of another saga better than this and I'll RE-FIX this one.

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You just defied teh laws of physics! Bass.EXE is supposed to win! He has a buster rake that hits everywhere, and his he**'s rolling is supposed to curve and attack him. He can also use the Gospel breath and Falzar breath. He has an upgraded version which does a buster rake which hits about 50 damage(in MMBN6) and hits everywhere at teh same time, making it undodgeable.

Nothing great.

The reason I gave it a humor rating was because of the voices. When I could hear them, they kinda made me laugh.

As a follow up to the review before mine...

Bass could also make easy work of Sigma by simply using the "Aquire Program" technique of his. In all essence, Sigma is a virus. He could be absorbed by Bass and use Sigma's power. That or use something simple like the Double Grave Cannon (not sure that's right).

lol pretty good

the only thing i didnt like were the voices O-o and Forte (Bass) isnt all that weak... he could kill Vile in 2 seconds... and Sigma would be hardly anything to him... if anything, Forte's Ultima Atack would be his GS move (God Soul), Gospel (Treble or Grave, however the fuck people call him) appearing and using his normal Dark Messiah ATK on Sigma causing him to get p00n3d very badly =D

Wow! Amazing!

A true battle n cool animation a master piece too!
I love the track Hunter against Hunter too!

TheGreatestApocalips responds:

You are too good but thanks. Watch out for the second part, I'm doing it!

Better than the sum of its parts

You would think that Bass and Sigma fighting would be a pointless fight. Instead you turned it into something entertaining.

The sprite work is decent, but the real problem is that here and there, I saw things that were a bit off. I would have rather all the proportions be kept intact and everything look as clean and crisp as possible. The actual voice acting was pretty good (better than in the games) but the sound quality took a hit. Thankfully you provided subtitles. On your next submission, you may want to do a little more editing of the audio before you import it into Flash. Yet this is good. Thanks for submitting it.

TheGreatestApocalips responds:

I saw in my comments that i'll do the sound better