Race Master

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Controls: Arrow keys to move(standard)
Space to brake

For my first driving game, I've been inspired by a game called skidworx, which I thought was great. After finding a good car movement turorial, I was ready to build a timer. After a few months of work (I'm still a n00b) I managed to pull this together. I hope you all like it and It's great to put another submission out there. Oh, and stay tuned for my next project; Space Revenge 2!

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Dear lord

I cant program for shit, but... i really hope youve improved. The physics and speed dont work at all for your corners. I did figure out that the rocks are the checkpoints that you have to go through to show youre still on track, but... this was not that great. Good luck with your future endeavors though.

Stop the missery

ok im 10 and i have m,ade movies with more entertianment than this game(no offence)
First you cant even see the the best lap time
second why is there a white line on the grass
nd last the game itself has no meaning

Not too bad, i kinda liked it. i liked it alot

And the guy before me, what you made was basically a tracker with obstacles. it didnt deserve to be on the front page. And the graphics in that arent exemplary either. so shut up and try some constructive criticism ok? Damn hepped up 14 yr olds.

Dude. Never seen sumthing so rubbish

Ok, so i'm 14 and have been programming in flash for about a month and a half, and have already got front page on the second release of my first game. Now im not boasting, but i am saying the reason i submitted it is because i thought people had a chance of enjoying it. Why would anyone want to play your game? Its not a game. There has to be a point to a game. All youve done is make something move and add a timer. You dont even have to drive on the road. And dont get me started on the graphics.

Chindamo responds:

This sorta does have a point. Using programming beyond me that I've been working on for ages I finally figured out a system where you DO have to stay on the road. They track if you are on the road on the corners (but go a little bit off the side) and they are invisible. You can be shown your best lap time and best overall time, and then try and beat it. It DOES have a point and it WONT work if you miss the sharp corners. You've had a submission on the front page but you don't really have a good eye.

Ehhhh.... needs work.

Three things:
1.Needs obstacales
2.Needs more levels
3.Needs people to race against

I mean, i couldnt probably make any better though. Please work on this. It has potential. I'd love to see a better version.

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3.25 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2006
9:40 AM EDT
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