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Have a nice day :)

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Just a little something I made to cheer you up if you're feeling down, and keep you happy if you already are. May you live on in peace. :)

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thanks man

that made my day

trekopep responds:

No problem. Glad you liked it!

i love it =)

it really cheared me up, i think this game should be on the front page! :)

trekopep responds:

Ha, thanks! I'm not sure if it really deserves front page, but I'm glad it cheered you up!

rofl wtf?

wow trekopep, you have fallen to a new high. This game is so incredibly stupid and boring that I found myself smileing and playing it for hours. Its like digital crack. Cant wait for super runner to come out.

trekopep responds:

Thank you! Wait, I've fallen to a new high? Well, maybe if I was falling through the planet or something...


pretty good although i would have rathered it to be a flash vid so the quality isnt so bad since most videos like this is bad quality but it made me smile and cheered me up enough to (hopefuly) get all my homework done i was really lookin for the *have a nice day* colab its really good btw and i saw this and thought might as well watch it right?anyway thanks for the pick me up.

trekopep responds:

No problem, finalfan1. That's what this is for. ;)

:D shear awesome

OMG i found this at the best moment! Sure its simple but today i wish i could do something a lot of fighting and stuff going on. As corny as it sounds this really did make the day a bit better : ) made me feel happy inside! You should put a disclaimer saying only play if you have had a bad day.

trekopep responds:

Well, even for the people that are having good days, this could still cheer them up even more. Thanks for the review, jamie6441. ;)