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X-Treme Tugboating

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you went fishing on a random water planet in a galaxy far far away? What if at the same time, powerful and mysterious rainbows randomly beamed out from the water… along with meteor showers and nuclear missiles targeting your planet landed all around you! Wouldn’t that be extreme? Well that's exactly what this game is!

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no entnedi nada de lo que abia aser pero me saco unas cascajadas xD

It was cool how you managed to make this so good. I just like the idea of having the Earth around to blow stuff up. I don't see why the entire thing is water. I do think that's funny, imagining water just flying around in space. Of course, I'm not an astronomer. I liked the enthaustic yells of the kids.

I don't know why these missiles are targeting the planet. I do know that it's really cool. I was afraid it would be too easy or boring at first with how you just caught fish. Boy, was I wrong! It's the most extreme tugboating game I've ever come across!


Lacked creativity, not the best game i've played, i've got a very short attention span so anything that holds that for more then a minute or 2 is good, this was a poor game man, lots of work needed on this, didnt really understand alot of what the games point was really, like the green bar? whats that for? i noticed it filled up the more fish you chaught but still... Think this was just so you could get a high score? not so good. - right, constructive feedback - Needs a point to the game, maybe if there was upgrades, differant worlds that sort of thing, erm, instructions maybe to let the user know exactly what the game was about... better graphics all sorts, I could go on all day but I probably couldnt do any better. still alright though.


well, it has a really bad quality and theres no point of the game but atleast its better than uhhhh nothing


EXTREMLY EXTREME but ufountunatly EXTREMLY bad graphics as well and EXTRE,MLY limted game play so 8/10

Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2006
9:15 PM EDT