T.T.C. : Osama B.L.

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The Torture Chamber,
When Killing is to Good for Em!

Go spill a little Osama bl00d...

NOTE; This wasn't made to play off anyones rage to get high votes. I felt alot better after making this and hoped others might feel better also.I don't care wether he did the recent atrocities or not. He deserves alot more then what I can animate for what he is and has done. This IS NOT going against Arabs but Osama himself. Try to keep what I've made in perspective, please...

UPDATE 9-16; Threw in a couple more things for people to play with...
UPDATE 9-29; Little bit more bl00d to spill...

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Osama Still Hero for All arab :D
i arab guy

@FrigeEnterprises If you are that sure, you should know that it wasn't the Jews, but the US Government. If you doubt that the US Government would harm their own people, Google "Operation Northwoods".

Game is good.
Would play again.

Look, everyone knows that the Jews did 9/11, not Osama.