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Macbeth Puppet Pals

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We had read Macbeth for my english class, which was an OK book. Now our english teacher said that we need to make a final project for macbeth and the year. I gasp after she said that and then it hit me. I just recently watched Potter Puppet Pals, by Neil Cicierega, and I had an idea, Macbeth Puppet Pals! If you have not read the story, we added alot of funny parts so you will still get the story line.

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It's great when a popular flash inspires other people. I just felt there should have been more jokes in this. The animation wasn't that good. There should have been more music. Okay, that ghost joke was great. I still don't want you to get a bad grade.

It told the Macbeth story well. It's just nothing too original. The designs should have been better. It's weird knowing that the live-action puppet pals are much more famous. At least it's organized.