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Simply click the button as many times as you can in 30 seconds [CHALLENGES ARE UNDER CONSTRUCTION, SOZ :(] Lots of Updates to come. (including: challenges, bug fixing, and much more.)


k' clicker i got 75 clicks

why are u basing it on how many clicks u got u suck by the way really good game cant wait for challenges

what?56 and keep trying?

i got 56 clicks and my mouse is almost broken and you say KEEP TRYING!!!!!!You retarded!!!!!!Everyone not use autoclicker!!!!!!

I like this one! Can'tt wait for challange mode!!!

i like the idea and the basic play of the game. Nice job on the background by the way. That must have been a bit hard....... hope to see challange mode soon!!! :) I might think I'll ad you to my favorit flash arist list!! :)!!!!! I voted 5 for this one! :) this is interesting, it tests how fast you can react and more the mouse.
Like it but well, this would get boring after a few months............ no offence intended and I'm sorry if you are offended in any way. I don't liek tio critisize someone's flashwork.....................

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Cool Game!

This game is good! I GOT 47 ON MY FIRST TRY! I love this game its cool, simple and origanal, nothing to hard or to easy, not like other games...

Anyway, In summary, This game ROCKS! (seriosly, Im not lying)

oh come on.

a retard could make this, a retard. all it is is clicking a button, no motivation, not even interesting, not even worthy of protection. and what the hell is with the music?

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1.91 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2006
3:01 PM EDT
Skill - Other