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9/11, Never Again...

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Author Comments

This is unbelievable, I had to make something to show the way I feel about this. The faces on the people. I feel exactly the same. Although me and Marc are Canadians, we feel it all up here America.

My collection of pictures differes from others so please view.

God Bless America.

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Damn 21 years ago. Nostalgic.

True so true 😭😭


I would love to think we live in a perfect world, but sadly we do not. However, because of this we want to wage war on these " inferior" people.We may be a good county, but were FAR from perfect, in truth we are no better or worse than any other country, because ll nations all made of people. And isnt that what our constitution stands for? that all men are created equal? Not just in america, but the whole world, what makes one man better than the man standing right next to him? You see, the worst part about this is that the terrosists arent the only ones who do this. While, yes we do need to remember, we also have to let go. This wound has us scarred, and it can never go away, but if we keep picking at it, it'll never get better. I want a more peaceful future with less wars. You see I would be a fool if I thought that no more wars will be waged, for as long as 2 people exist on this planet, they will argue over something, you see fighting is in human nature and stuff like this will ALWAYS happen, no matter what and if we dont stop who knows what will hapen. For you see, an eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind. But if we come together as one, and try to settle our differences like civilized people, then, who knows what will happen.


im only ten and i know the wtc and a lot of people died on that day matter if fact it was a unlucky day we should just bomb iraq and get on with it though that or kill osama bin laden so we can go back to the safer days of the 20th century and early 21st century i think 20 years from now kids will treat this like ww1 and just sleep through it in class but i think that is just wrong and you put your time and work to pitch in a bit of hope to the usa and to that i thank you that is all p.s im american

WOW thanx

the pictures were nice good job

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3.53 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2001
10:29 PM EDT