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This short film is a departure from cartoons I have done before. The slow movement and dark smokey environment create an atmosphere that is less like cartoon. It's not intented to be funny or scary but I hope it's amusing.

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But why does the purple bunny have Mtn. Dew in his lava lamp??? :P


yoh Jacques =)

i liked it

the only thing i really didn't like was the characters because they were stupid animals just lik ein one of those dumb japanese animes but besides that wow...doesnt that bring back memories
good job
oh and i really liked the way you drew everything, its like a 5 year old genius drew it or some shit

My all time favorite flash movie

All i can say is wow. This flash brings me back in time to all my DXM trips. Only thing i regret is not listening to that bomb ass song during them. (Where can i get it??) I really liked how his trip intnsified as the music got more intense. It just shows how much music really affects someone.

And to all those people who gave this flash a bad score....well.. THEY CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES! Seriously, you dont need a storyline to display a drug experience like this. Actually i think it would have sucked if it had a storyline cuz thats not what drugs are about.

CARPET FARM AGAIN: Two more things...

Scottie from Carpet Farm (providers of the soundtrack for the film here that Micheal eventually made) here again.

I just wanted to let anyone who was curious know that the name of this song is "A Rough Night".
Also, I typed below that I was doing a lot of drugs when I made this song. That was wrong of me.
Shawn L. and I were doing a lot of drugs when we made this song.

Credit where it's due: Shawn laid down the basic beat that the song was built around.
Nate didn't do a goddamn thing. Except play it for every single person he has spoken to in the last few years.

thanks all,


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4.46 / 5.00

May 29, 2006
8:04 PM EDT