IMD Shooter

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In response to those who said I copied the fla. file for my game ("korded", to be precise), I actually created that game and sent it to flashkit, a LONG time before I actually discovered Newgrounds and decided to revamp its humour and sent it in. By the way, IMD is more of a group of people rather than jsut one. We are many, and you are few.


Gamma rays=extinction you crazy bastard!!!

Ok, maybe I don't pay attention to the news or whatever but I thought it was kind of creepy shooting teachers. Maybe there's a joke in there, merh! The sound pwned (yes, I spelled it out that way for anyone who plays Gore ;) but other than that, I thought it was a pretty bad idea even though the game mechanics themselves were pretty good. Oh well, just keep trying, your bound to hit upon a golden idea sooner or later. SCOND!!!

Great game

everything is great, just use this in something now.


this is a great game... i expecialy enjoied the transition between easy and hard arenas... the only problem is that it is more difficualt than most viewers would have enjoied...(bigger cross red dot or quicker relaod!)


this is just a .fla you got off flashkit.com. of course, you added the faces to the targets, and the loader or whatever, but still - this can't really be considered your work.

IMD responds:

If you actually bothered contacting me, u would find out that I actually made that and sent it to flashkit.
So up yours, you poo-faced git

to hard to hit

even on easy setting this was to danm diffclult needed more teachers and diffrent shooting galleries is got very boring after a while

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2.59 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2001
10:11 AM EDT
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