Bad Dudes vs. Bin Laden

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I've been very conflicted ever since the attack on NYC... I was considering making a tribute movie that portrayed the positive acts that occured during the aftermath, but eventually decided to stick with my roots and make a violent video game. I have a hard time trying new things.

I wasn't sure if a game would be appropriate, but I realized that it really is. You see, America is very sad right now, but it is also very ANGRY. People need a way to vent their frustrations, and I feel this can help.

I also tried to pack the game with a positive message. There are a lot of nice people in my city who wear turbans, and I don't want people giving them dirty looks just because of some wacko terrorists. So with that said, go kick Bin Laden's ass!

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Excellent job ! I congratulate your peace message :) Dared for the time, but still relevant ...

I'm sorry if that's not very English xD

Always a flash classic! That raw pixel nostalgia makes it worth seeing time to time again.

I admit that this does seem like a cop out. It reminds me of PsychoGoldFish's flash where he said we shouldn't hate Arabs. Then again, you do have the same message. I mean, it's just that this game wasn't much. It was just a guy beating up Bin Laden. Yeah, there were lots of games like this back then.

This just didn't have anything unique about it. I guess I appreciate the spirit. This is just him getting beat up. I'm glad we all knew who was behind the attack. Those obnoxious truthers.

This is great. Despite being already dead, he definitely deserves being beat up like this!

I'm an Arab Muslim and i always hate it when people call me a terrorists when they haven't met or other Arabs in real life, And you don't see me calling anybody anything bad...
The New York attack created a very large for Arabs and Muslims which saddens me.

P.S: We also hate terrorists and Bin Laden, and we love and believe in Jesus Christ and the other Abrahamic prophets.

Have a good one!

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Sep 14, 2001
2:27 AM EDT
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