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Reviews for "Bad Dudes vs. Bin Laden"


:| wtf just happened


this is funny but really short


Seriosy,Funny :D


This game was amazing for 2001 and I'm glad to say that after 10 years it still holds up well. And as everyone in the comments below me rejoices that we finally killed Osama Bin Laden, most likely hasn't actually played this game. Had they played the game, however, they would know that it was not the U.S Navy SEALS that killed Osama, it was the Bad Dudes. >:P

Ahahaha, just kidding. I hope that wasn't too inapproite to say. Anyway, a simple game, and I'm sure it was some comic relief during a grief stricken time after 9/11 in September of 2001. Great game, Tom. As usual.


bin laden got OWNED