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The Spammer 2

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Hobbit2 is back and once again, Lilninja goes crazy with is banstick.

Be sure to watch the original and join www.ngcollabs.com

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Is that true?

Is this a true story?
Anyway,great song.
i didn't get it though.
why and who baneed every one?

Reyals responds:

Yes and no. Awhile ago a spammer came to NGC and well spammed. Later, 'Lilninja" became a mod. I made a short crappy flash called "The Spammer" where Hobbit2 asks everyone to join his collab. Then lilninja tries to ban him but bans everyone else instead. It was partilly untrue becaus lilninja didn't ban everyone and wasn't even a mod when Hobbit2 joined. There was a spammer on my forum clled Spambot, so I decided to make a flash where Hobbit2 comes to RTS and lilninja once aain bans everyone.


THAT was the most kick ass song i even
hear! ahh! i love it! oh yeah nice movie!
damn that song was kick ass!


It was okay. The animation itselfr was waay too fast.

Reyals responds:

Hehe, yea, 60fps is a bit hard. ^^


'lo biatch! nice job. I actually knew that song before hand and was listening to it earlier.

Also, Reyals, how is your AFD5 part going?

and we got an NG thread now!!! omg!


great cordination,great song,great....everything