The Flying PiggyBank

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UPDATE - 28th. Some minor changes have been made. Some glitches have hopefully been addressed. Additionally, if you submit your score during a time where the server is down, it will save your score for later on. Sorry for anyone who has had this suituation, i.e. Hrairoo, it won't happen again.

Wow Front Page. Thanks :). I also made the start easier, so you have more time.

Thanks for the awesome reviews and score, it means a lot to me

Art by http://www.GalactiGames.
ActionScripting by CorkySurprise

Fly the Flying Piggybank and collect the numbers in the collect order. Avoid the bombs and see if you can beat your friends in the highscores in this fun game.

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I couldn't understand how a pig could become an angel. In fact, according to the Bible, humans can't even become them. That's just a myth. I really liked the awesome music. This turned out to be surprisingly good. It is a bit too short, though.

I like how this pig looks so happy. It was weird how you had to collect everything in a certain order. I mean, I guess it makes sense, seeing as how that would be too easy. It's a very bright and colorful thing to look at. It's nice to have such a pleasant game.

Takes some time getting use to the controls...

Once you get the feel for them it becomes pretty fun and adictive. I reccomend playing it in full screen as the numbers are a bit hard to see without it. Overall, it's a great game and also the Mario Kart Remixed soundtrack makes it even more fun to listen too!


Umm.. sorry. This game is not fun. It would be better if there were coins all over the place that you had to collect ... I dun wanna follow freaking numbers - THAT is what makes this game BORING.

time killing

this is cure especially if you're just killing time ^_^ the song by the way is the rainbow road theme song on mario carts! lol

Fun Game

Fun game although sometimes bombs hit me when the pig gets to the edge of the screen, cant avoid invisible bombs cant i? ='(

Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

May 26, 2006
1:19 PM EDT
Skill - Collect