america retaliates!!!!!

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Watch it all the way before commenting.

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Newgrounds is an international portal..Who the hell cares of all the states in the USA...It is not the focus of the world...Some US citizen has to realize that...

I´m from Germany and once even Germany thought, that they were the chosen nation. That ended up with the death of much more than 6 million jewish people. AMERICA...PLZ DON`T BECOME MODERN NAZIS WITH THE ILLUSION GOD IS JUST ON YOUR SIDE!!!

...But back to the point...

Fuck racism, but please improve your animation :)

I love it

I got ridiculously pissed during the movie, I almost gave you a 0. Thank you for the ending, it made me feel a little better.

its okay you saved yourself at the end

america it is a okay its a bit to rich maby if it gave some poorer countires its money if it gave away most of its money it would still be rich considering it owns HALF OF THE WORLDS MONEY

it seemed, anti-world

being american right now sux because of gas prices, the government, and biggotry. to every one who hates america, i dont hate you. but this flash did seem typical of america, being the misguided fat fools we are.

now, who's the real "axis of evil"?

thank you.

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2.12 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2001
7:00 PM EDT
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