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While making Clock Topics 2 I had a ton of quotes from the Spirit of Truth movie that I ended up not using. Normally I don't care much for soundboards but I couldn't let them go to waste. It's got two pages and links to the original videos where the quotes are from. The quotes on page 2 are from video 1 when there's still music playing, and video 2, which was significantly more compressed than video 1. Therefore the quality of these quotes is less, this can't be helped.

Use spacebar or the button at the bottom of the screen to stop the sounds. I thought of including some background music (Bop Gun by Ice Cube, like in the video), but it seemed like that would only be annoying on a soundboard. Keep it flowin' from the survival scroll!

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Ah, very funny

It was cool how "The Spirit Of Truth" guy was featured in an episode of "Tosh.0" and recently confirmed as a meme. It is really cool how you get pretty much everything he ever said. I just so wish that someone would make prank calls out of this and submit it here to Newgrounds. I mean the responses are pretty much done to phone calls to start with! The weird thing is that this guy is still probably the least fanatical TV evangelist out there. I just liked seeing everything be arranged so neatly.


"i come in the name of jesus - repeat it after me bitch - i come in the name of jesus by the powuhs of the holy spirit"

"Fuck yo thoughts!"

"Anybody resistin...then god damn my ass kissin'"

pure gold. well done soundboard. thanks.

Good, but...

...but you left out some of the best lines.

How could you leave out:

"God almighty, y'know, ruler of heaven and urf and every God damn thing in between!"

"Who created yo' ass?"

"Shutcha' Goddamn ass up!"

Come on, include those in the next version.

Yes! Finally someone did it right.

Forget all these satan worshipin' fools who don't know what they have before them. This is the greatest soundboard known to man, made famous by Howard Stern. To all those who say this soundboard is boring... SYGDM!


nothing more than a guy saying phrases... its boring...

StrangeClock responds:

That's more or less the point of a soundboard, Spunky.