Pimp my Civic

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I think this game, althought it do not have a especified objective (just remodeling your car), has good graphics, and it is fun ,to custimize your car, play it. It has alot of really cool car exterior parts, and great graphics.

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hahahaha i laugh at your flash

piece of shit, i thought that the 3.8mb file was coz it would be a good game, but it turns out it just shitty old school rap. and as for sieKO below me, your a fucking idiiot because you think that these sort of games are hard, i made like 5 of them (every one better than this one) and it was easy as piss! so dont say this like "I know how hard it is to make these dress up type games ya know" because they're the easiest games in the world! which explains why every second game submitted by these morons is a dress-up/pimp my car game.


good next time make pimp my porche or pimp my ferrari


I liked how you had Gangsta's paradise, One of my most favorite songs.
As for the game, Pretty damn cool. I know how hard it is to make these dress up type games ya know. cause you have to get it just right to work. Awesome job amigo I hope to see more of your work.

Pretty cool

Pretty cool, its enjoyable for about a few minutes, but cool idea. Nice cars, it's fun.

keep the track, burn the rest.

Awsome song, but youve sullied it with this horrible flash.
It has No connection to the theme, style ( or lack of in this case ) or anything else. simply put, you should have not used the song, used that car, posted this on newgrounds, or even thought up the idea to waste an hour of your life making it, and seconds of other peoples life, who unwittingly was subjected to this.

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3.95 / 5.00

May 24, 2006
6:24 PM EDT
Gadgets - Other