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We are America 9-11-2001

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------Update: 2 years later
It's been a year now since I posted this, and the positive response I have recieved from it has been overwhelming. It's important now, to remember everything that we are grateful for and hopefully learn to live our lives to their fullest extent.

God bless you all, god bless America.

PLEASE CALL 1800 GIVELIFE AND DONATE BLOOD TODAY. This is my first flash on here, I'm pretty new to it(hence no loader and large file size), however to me, that doesn't matter because whats going on right now is more important and needs to be dealt with. I hope you enjoy it.

The song is "Ressikan Flute Solo" by Jerry Goldsmith. Apparently it's from an episode of Star Trek.


Ignore the trolls

"Thou Ignorance and hate seem to have no bounds, they are incredibly small when compard the vastness of Truth and Love"

You know...

Countries that are bombed everyday dont make as much of a big deal of it as we do of anything...so yeah...


THe.world.wasnt.changed.they.can.care .less..and.honestly.so.can.i...shit.h appens...people.die...its.been.7.year s.get.over.it


life is a destiny it's your choice turn to the good side or bad the good side involve's our history the bad side involve's haterd we shall first talk about the good this is now about ww2 or ww1 this is not a war at all this is life this is the good life this is meant to happen in the world it was meant to happen it was not to be protected today our army is fighting terrorist fight now the people that did this if they die they die serving they're country and the country is called the U.S.A we take pride just like anyother country that is the good side the bad side is terrible painful road that mean you want this to happen you don't care about any of this i don't know why people kill people assasinate people it's a terrible world people think this is terrible once they do it you only care about whatever your hired to do kill or stuff like this you joined the bad side for a reason but now this is getting worse don't join is a bad road to add in your life this is the bad side so this is your choice the bad side or the good side choose wisley for you will only get one chance you may think im just a person out of 11 billion people but i relize that i'm just warning you fight back and choose the good or do this terrible stuff

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