Save the Bubbles

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Click on the fan and hold it down and derect the bubbles into the tube. it pickes up and gets bater after a wile. i hope you enjoy


This is way better than some other 'amateur' games that I have come upon. I can imagine it being used fairly well in a virtual pet site or social/mini game site. Of course, improvement never hurts. I would like your leveling system highlighted more. I realize that you have released bubbles at a quicker rate as you advance, but the fact that there is no losing means that you can fail at the game and still in two minutes be in the max level of a bubble a second. I think adding in a limit of how many you bubbles you can lose (you can even add extra lives as an 'upgrade') would be very beneficial to the longevity of the game.
This is a fantastic start! If you keep working at this, you have many more games in your future. ^_^

What a concept.

Hey, that game was pretty good. It was challanging enough, yet not too challenging. This game is such a good concept though, how did you think it up?

caboos1 responds:

well. funny thing is i rilly did it i was rilly rilly bord 1 day and i thout hey this is acctuly fun( i even set up a fan and blue a bubble ten tryed to get it into the sink lol)so i did it


awesome man, reallii. i neva knew u were good w/ AS.fucking great kev.

caboos1 responds:

yay. iv risen to the ranks of not sucking.ps thx ross

Looks Nice, and Nice Concept...abysmal execution

This game has all the superficial components right and has a very interesting concept. The problem is that the controls are abssolutely abysmal. I had no idea if the buttons I pressed were wroking or not. This game could be a winner, but it would have to be resubmitted first.

caboos1 responds:

ok fare enoph use the mouse thats my only sugestion

*message for you*

go check your reviews for "Run From the Law"

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3.07 / 5.00

May 17, 2006
8:04 PM EDT
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