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Special Tribute in 3D

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Author Comments

made in 5 mins! But i need to get my message across

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I'm Sorry,

I don't really see anything moving in this... Now, I am a Canadien citizen, but I am part American, I dont beleive in a god, and I personnaly would have to go pretty much fully against what Phobotech said... I think that this happened out of human stupidity (And trust me, there is more stupidity coming from the people on this world to substitute for all the animals), Phobotech said these people had fulfilled there roles and are in a better place, well, if you think that living to get an education, get a career, get your life going only to have it end in a violent manner a fullfilled purpose, I think u should rethink your idea. Also, if being in a coffin buried under six feet of soil, rotting away into fertalizer is a better place, I think you should think about it again. I know alot of things about the bible, not as much as some, yet, i know enough, I always laugh when I see people who pray at night, say the full heartedly believe that they were made from dust, directly or in-directly disobey the bible. I think were here for no purpose, no point, no reason, no grand scheme, were simply here. We stay because we hope for a better future, we fight for our life, for fear of not death, but of losing our memories, for without our memories, we are basically a shell, pumping blood. Anyway i've gone on for a while, and I must go, but you think about that.


ok, because this whole thing about september the 11th anoys me because thats all people care about other than other millions of dying people around the world or even people the U.S slaughtered. so i will judge this on animation, which was actually quite good, i loved the 3D tough to it all, overall good, and a good way to get your view across nice work

To AntiBastard:

Shut up you gay, tree-hugging asshole.

Why can't we stop the terror?

I'll tell you why we can't stop the terror. It's because the United States are just as responsible for promoting terror in this world as anyone else. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look at what the U.S. has done in El Salvador, Colombia, Indonesia, just to name a few.
I also find it ironic with all the "God bless (insert American ideal here)" that the song used is by John Lennon who was an atheist.
But anyways, the animation was pretty good.

You're totally right man...

Fuck Bin Laden!!! Yo! You're movie was great!
I mean, how do you create 3-d images in just 5 min.? It'l take me a couple of months to create 3-d images like that. Could you mail me how to do this? Mail me at Alper_Flasmaster5@hotmail.com

Great movie!!!

Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2001
10:45 AM EDT