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NGIntern: Progress

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Author Comments

UPDATE: I've received a lot of complaints about people just being able to stay in one place and not get hit. Well, if you don't shoot fast enough now, you'll get hit. Enemies now lock on to your position and follow you.

Hey NG'ers. Everybody's favorite intern here with another rendition of my semester project. Remember this is still a work in progress. It is not complete. There are problems. For now you can just constantly play. There really is no point (the boss doesn't work yet). Just have fun and enjoy the music. Please grade it based on what it is and not what it could be. In better news: as of 5/18, I will be a college grad. YAHOO!!!


Just your generic shooter basicly.

Well, it's a game I'll give it that. Ummm, I think the health bar system needs to be fixed. Yeeeah not much else I can say to improve. Just keep trying.


i dunno... maybe this just wasn't really good enough...
GRAPHICS: Pretty low quality if you ask me
STYLE: I did'nt really like the style of the game much, which is why i've given it 5
SOUND: This was the best attribute. The music was pretty cool, but had you had sound effects too it would have been a decent 9 or even a 10.
VIOLENCE: No violence at all, but ofcourse, you would'nt expect that in these types of games.
INTERACTIVITY: All you do really is shoot, shoot, shoot... next time to make the game better you should get different types of enemies.... and like make upgrades too.... like double fireball or something....
HUMOR: Not that funny
OVERALL: Not really a good game, the only good thing really was the music.


That was alittle suspect sometimes sir, i was a good distance away from the enemy yet he apparently got me. The enemy could have been mixed up too instead of just the two different sized spaceships. Also adding a fuel meter so you have to pick up fuel icons to continue flying would have been a nice touch and also changing up the firing power based on icons would have assisted. Good basis of a game though.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)


This really shouldn't have been submitted. I understand wanting feedback on your work in progress, but that's why you post it up on NG MAG or take it to the flash forum for critique. Yes, the code functions, that's nice, but definitely could have waited before submission.

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t7bros responds:

Well, all I know is that you've gotta start somewhere and there's a lot worse on the site than what I have submitted. I know that even you have early flashes somewhere and I wonder what they are like.

thinking about the

Played it once. Got to about 20000 points (of that order anyway).

Wasn't taking any damage and my life wasn't ever being risked. I then started trying to shoot every enemy that passed and not let a single one through. That game was pretty hard, though I think the challenge may be impossible, given the distance you sometimes have between enemies and the speed. Lost with the first digit still '2'.

++++ At the speed at which the enemies come, we do have time to move in their path and shoot them.

------ There's really nothing in this game that threatens us at all. We will only fail because of over-eagerness, trying to do it faster, boredom... basically, I just have an issue with the fact that you won't ever fail simply by hammering 'a'. Any game that requires nothing more than such repetitive 'dronework' to survive needs some changing, I feel.
Maybe (slow) enemy bullets? Maybe enemies that somehow try and swoop at you? Maybe some obstacles that can't be destroyed?
Seriously, even as a lead-up to a boss, this needs changing.

++ decent music.

- gfx for bullets aren't to my liking.

- I actually think the whole thing looks really generic.

------ and the play mechanics have been seen oh so many times before.

++ No glitches - code seems to work well.

A decent beginning. Nothing worth playing though, I think. I'd suggest you try thinking about the play mechanics. Make it so we need to actually do something other than 'drone work' and it may be worth playing.

t7bros responds:

Thanks for the response. My original goal was simply to get the game past judgement. I may make a version 2 (if I can get things fixed by the end of the month) to be released on May 31, but I have to see if I can do it. Anyway, I'll keep your suggestions in mind. Thanks for your support.

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Credits & Info

1.74 / 5.00

May 16, 2006
12:07 PM EDT
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