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Can't Control This Life

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Author Comments

When i made this movie i watched fightclube alot so i found that the placebo song wheres my mind would kick in great with a nice movie so i made this master piece!!

Hope you all love it as much as i loved makin' it!!

Don't forget to checkout my Sounds to ;) !

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Great movie!

but it was the pixies version not the placebo version...i wonder how many people have told you that!

Enjoyed the movie though!

Okay, but...

Not to be nitpicky, but this is a Pixies song. The song Placebo do for Fight Club is a (pish) cover. AAAAAANYWAYS, not a bad flash at all.

EsMatiCSounDs responds:

thank you =)


like the title says...

it looks like sketched anime. english anime. nice sing-a-long song,

he needs a silencer on the gun though. WARNING!!! never put a silencer on a shtgun...or you'll blow the silencer up. or in my paintballin case...it silences, yes. coz it doesent fire!!!

anyway..so yeah...he needs a silencer...and a parachute...and some joining lines maybe?

still deserves a 5 tho. i always vote 5.


it was ok, but there wasnt to much animation, but when there was, u did a good job, also, meybe u could try to extend your flashes, it was a bit short, and the music was scratchy and sounded like u made it with a band of yours

keep on trying

Not so great

The message could be conveyed a whole lot better if it...I dunno...made sense. Or, hey, if things were even spelled correctly. It just wasn't that great. I did like the style though.