The World Trade Center

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To all of the families of the workers, police and firefighters who lost their lives yesterday, you have my sympathy, even though i live in Australia i care a lot!

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thank you

ok the other guys are just being assholes, yes thousands of people die every day but the majority of those seaths are accidents 9/11 was pure murder and nothing else so thank you w33nie this isnt vey creative but i WAS touching. you had no reason to show sympathy for a country that you have no relation to whatsoever so thank you for being an honestly nice guy


Its ok that you have sympathy for the people who died in the World Trade, but Newground is amde to enjoy urself not not feel bad for urself or anyone else. But ill giv my sympathy to them myself

uhh ok..

that's more of a picture than a fuckin flash "movie" isn't it?? why the hell is this on newgrounds.... still???????!!


I don´t understand why you guys make such a big thing about the WTC catastrophe.Don´t get me wrong, all affected families have got my copassion.

But id you know that 40.000 (fourty-thousand) children die every day because of hunger?And whats about the people who die because of war, of disease, of crimes, 100.000s of humans EVERY FUCKING DAY??????
The WTC thing was terrible, but compared with the other catastrophes we have to face every fucking day in our fucking existence, it´s kinda small.

Oh and by the way, the flash sucked.

I gave you an extra point.

I too care for the dead but that dosen't matter. Newgrounds is a place to express yourself and do it well. This is just an immage, nothing more. There isn't much emotion or even any movement. I was hoping the guy before me was just being a jackass but I guess he's right. This is crap. It's not well drawn, there is no sound, there's no violence (though that dosen't matter), no interactivity moreover it was bland, boring AND plain.

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Sep 12, 2001
2:28 AM EDT
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