Adventures of Mr. Blob

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Horray! A platformer!!! My first attempt at a platformer to. It's quite.... visually challenged. But mostly for the joke of it. I can sortof draw alright, but I didn't in this one. Hehe. But I still think this game is highly entertaining. I'm struggling to beat it myself, but I think it slows down on the internet so I don't know if I'll be having that difficulty any longer. So anyway, enjoy!

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the song gives me a headache

GR8! U've cum along way mate! SeGaSoNiCPiE!

Hey mate! It's me-- MAX! I moved schools! Is this you Jarrod? I think it's u! I don't know but! Anyway! If it is u, U've cum a long way wit ur flash shit mate! I havn't bin concentrating on flash lately, i've bin doing courses in computer repairing and hacking. I've bin focusing on 3D stuff and basic, C, C+ and C++ programming and junk.

Anyhoo, your game is pretty swell! Good luck mate!
Your ol' m8, Max (AKA: SeGaSoNiCPiE!).


I don't usually review games but this was too good to pass up. I've played similar games like this and had a lot of fun with them! The graphics were alright. I wish the main character was actually a person instead of a dot for a body and two smaller dots for legs. You should have used different backgrounds after every level. You had a good style to this. Newgrounds needs more games like this! I liked how it got harder and harder after every level, that's how a game is suppose to be. The music was pretty good. It fit well with this game. Well besides hitting into something there wasn't a lot of violence. I had a lot of fun playing this game! I found it challenging. I have to admit I actually lost on the first level when I first tried it! Over all this is a good game. The graphics could use some improvement. Just put a little more time into the characters and have a variety of backgrounds. Other then that you did a bang up job on this. Keep up the good work!

interesting and fun

I enjoyed this game it was interesting and fun though the sound got on my nerves a bit after a while

i have edited this befor

this is a good edit of the game vlax although you should of changed the actions. i have used this game many times to muck around on and my version of vlax will be on soon so please vote five, as i did for this!!

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3.47 / 5.00

May 13, 2006
5:00 AM EDT
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