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Defend Ur API

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Author Comments

Read intruccions! And i hope u like it, Have fun!
**Edit** - Dont complain about no music or bad graphics, its an API game!.

API is 100% code, this game's libary is empty cause the game is API its on one frame with a bunch code. Thats y the game is low size.

This game was made a long ago for a collab that got closed so im submiting it now.

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Well this was a different idea for a defence game, lmao. I like it. Smooth gameplay combined with simple graphics, one of the smallest filesizes around and a unique concept. Addicting for a while, but the lack of variation could be improved. Keep it up!



Damn, you gotta help me with actionscript. When I get on MSN Im gonna bother u and spam your site until you teach me...


Turned out great

It's a shame the collab didn't go through, however you have at least come up with this nice little game. I'm glad to see it submitted!

It's a shame that there are no sounds, however the filesize is great for the game it is. It turned out very well, and you can use this as a preloader game now. :-)

I have no doubts that you have learned some new AS techniques through this project, so the collab did have some productive outcomes after all. Keep up the good work!


Your mission is to prevent anything from infiltrating and destroying what you are protecting. I would like to have been able to move the ship out of the corner. The addition of being able to buy certain objects or shields, or that kind of thing was awesome. I like the designs for the objects, simple and effective all at the same time. Some sound effects would really be beneficial and make the game all that much better. The file size was really small and frankly awesome. I like the idea of the hall of fame. For such a small game, it was a nice surprise to see the detail that you put into it.


nice one here

I got hooked too
great game
i gave an overall 10
but sorry for the zeros,
you got no sounds...