Great Gammer Challenge

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Its got a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Feel to it, yet no Life Lines. Worked hard on it, so hope you like it. More Quiz Games to come

BTW: Fix the Button Problems on 5 and 13.

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Fix it

Fix question 5 and 13 and also you spelled it "Gammer".

the-dukester responds:

I thought I did Fix 5 and 13, you probably saw it, just as I uploaded the Updated one. And is that how you spell Gammer? Whell Anyway, I got an Idea for the Next Game. This time it will have Prize of somekind. And a Host.

another problem besides #13

no. 5 is missing the c button too. Try to fix these.

the-dukester responds:

I got another game comming out, that will have the same feel as this one. It will have some other Features. Probably should say that the animation will be alittle skip. Im using a program that isn't really cut out for this stuff, but its easy for me to use.

But if you can look beyond that, its a game you will really like. Keep looking for any Submissions I post.

Pretty good

Was challenging only thing i found wrong was question number 13 where the only answer you could pick was the correct answer.Otherwise good job

the-dukester responds:

Ok, Now I know what everyones Talking about. Fix the Original, and Replace it later. But no one had any Problem with Question 15?

no replay value

there seriously isn't any replay value... good knowledge, i enjoyed learning some of the answers, but some of the buttons didn't work, and left only one answer to use hehe.

the-dukester responds:

Ok, I really don't understand what you saying. But I think I got an idea. Im thinking for the TGGC:2 Have a prize at the end. A picture or something Game Related. Im open to sugestions.

glitch and some typos

there are some typos in the directions and some of the questions (cant remember which ones) where you spelled the word which whitch or something along those lines and question 13 doesnt freeze all you can click on is C which is the correct answer which is a gimmie really but all in all it was a good quiz i didnt know some of them and i had know idea about question 13 good job

the-dukester responds:

I would fix the Spelling in q:13 But it take a long time to. What did you think of the Last Question?

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2.64 / 5.00

May 9, 2006
9:25 PM EDT
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