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Wasted Sky

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Originally introduced on Newgrounds in 1999, before the current Portal system.

Earth is doomed and the US is in a fight against Russia for control of a new planet! Your ship is entirely controlled by the mouse.

I originally made this game in 1999, but over the years NG has grown a lot and there was no longer a place for it outside of the Portal system. So here it is!

Specific Music Credits:

Lavender Hill Mob (Shok, aka FDA on NG) - Initial Battle
Strict Nine - Hyper-Drive Sequence
Dan (Last Name Unknown) - Boss

Level 2:
Zeitmahl (Also Shok) - Initial Battle
Zeitmahl - Mid-Boss 2
Shok - Sky
Shok - Boss
Dan (Last Name Unknown) - Finale

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good and fun

good game
why do i love 90s flash games

This was pretty intense! Playing it recently, with recent Ruffle bugs existent, it was apparently much more ambient... no enemies or anything before the big boss, just a little asteroid field aversion phase, a cutscene, a world blowing up in the background...

I like how you jump right into the action though, and there's no shortage of details, both with the obstacles, and plot progression, and subtle Earth destruction going on in the bg. Control's are smooth and responsive, music's fierce, overall it's all good fun!

Can't help miss medals with all games that don't have 'em these days, but in a sense it should be refreshing without them too. No pressure. No grind. No filler or distraction. Just the experience, start to finish. Still a solid game.


Good and fun horizontal shooter game.

I like how story is told with menacing background animation. I disagree with some reviews that say that graphics are bad or aged. I think they look decent and background animation is impressive for purposes of giving this game some story.

The bosses and sub-bosses are cool and interesting, especially the last boss.

The only drawback is that this game is very short, only two levels and you can easily beat them if you learn patterns of asteroid belt and bosses, it asks for a little more randomness.

My favorite ship is #001 btw.

Great game. The graphics are good for 1999. And those voices are hilarious.