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For those of you that like the song while Mario and Sonic are fighting, I've added 3 different versions of the Panic Puppet Zone song to my raio station (as well as a lot of Jet Set radio Future music). The url is:


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Welcome, everyone, to a glimpse at the last few hours of life on 9/10/2001.

Completely incredible. Less than 11 hours later, the attacks happened. That is... insanely mindblowing. This is history, right here.

Whoever you are, wherever you may be right now, thank you so much for uploading this.

Wow, holy shit, this is all the way from 2001, a day before 9/11.... That fucks with me a bit. I still can't comprehend that... the thought alone makes this video something beautiful.

Anyway, for a 12 year old at the time. This was really fucking good, the art style is really unique and I really wanna learn to draw Sonic like that one day, the animation was also great.

I wish I could contact the original creator of the video one day, and ask him a few questions and thanking him for such an amazing piece of work.

The nostalgia fucks with me, holy shit.

Your videos are what got me interested into Flash Animation in the first place..

Thank you so much!

Here it is, possibly the last piece of media in the entire world released before September 11th. I'm surprised few people mention that. I do wish that you'd show the other options. Wait, those are probably in the sequels. The animation was quite nice! It really grew on me.

You really do have a distinctive drawing style. The music is fine too. It was nice to see Luigi show up. I even liked the little sprites that appeared while the action was happening! Oh, and now it's close to 911 again.

and the next day, 9/11 happened.....
sends chills down my spine

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Sep 10, 2001
9:49 PM EDT