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We've been working on this game for about 2 weeks, and we think it's finally time to show it to the world. I directed it (finally) and True_Darkness got to follow along (finally). I really hope you enjoy it as I put alot of myself into the project.

Arrow Keys to Move
Spacebar to Shoot
Shift for special when gage is Full

Art by Buzzwerd (Me :D)
Programming by True-Darkness

If you dont enjoy having fun, having millions of things exploding on screen at the same time,DONT PLAY!

While playing in the sandbox, you get a message that dark tumors are flying to your home planet. It's up to you to stop them!


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I first found this when I was about 11, back in 2006, on some old website I can't remember.
I searched and searched and couldn't find it, although a couple years later I learned what the music was and got that.
Just recently I found this again and am having nostalgiagasms up and down.

Also I realized that this is like the best game ever.

hyper rainbow

cool music from katimari but why that music oh yeah the toster is useing hyper rainbow


good game

good game

i logged in just too review this. this may be one of the best games i ever played. i mean who doesnt like shooting tumors with a toasterwhile listenening to katamri damacy? tips for bosses. 1 pretty easy just shoot. 2 the worm follows a pattern just move and shoot his head. 3 the toast is the part where you have to save youre life shoot the swirly thing on his head.4the acorn guy is obvios shoot his mouth.5 the final boss first shoot his glasses then the cannon then oviosluy his body to win. cheers. the needs are an upgrade store betweene levels and to stop bouncing of the walls when itry to avoid the missles i bounce back. sorry if this is too long . great game anyway.


I love cute and awesome games like this!!!!!and I WON!!!!!! and I feel good that I won!!!Thats why this game is awesome!!!!

Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

May 6, 2006
1:56 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight