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Real Cartoon Tutorial

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It took me a very long time to make so I hope you enjoy it a lot!

In this tutorial I aim to teach people with no or little skill in flash drawing, to create one-of-a-kind, realistic-looking characters based on real-life people!

You don't have to actually do it to learn something, the concepts in it are easy to remember.
Although if you can actually follow it and practice it step-by-step, I am confident that you will gain long-term skill.

I will respond to your reviews tomorrow because I g2g! Also, i've noticed a few spelling mistakes, i'll fix them ASAP!

*UPDATE* I fixed most of the spelling errors and reduced the filesize significantly! I also added a new song... most ppl didn't like the other one.


It all started about a year ago when I needed to make an animation of the caricature of an Australian politician. Having no skill in caricature, especially in flash, without a graphics pad, just a mouse... I thought I might just sketch a caricature from google and animate it! The result was pleasing, I had used another person's amazing talent to create my own awesome animation.

I had been making games for a while and thought about getting into movie-making. I wanted to make a Harry Potter parody, and it had to be the very best quality. So, I started drawing Harry and once finished, I was very impressed with the result.

I had come up with a method of simulating skin color using gradients. It all looked amesome and so I thought about making this tutorial.

I believe that not everyone is born creative, that some ppl need guidelines, they need to trace because they can't quite visualise the picture in their heads.

~The End~

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Well written & I like how you explain it. But i'am totally curious what program do you use to make the cartoon?
Adobe Photoshop? Need a reply ASAP.


pretty helpful but i wanted an advanced tutorial like the cartoons - death of a bot, AMIGO...........

seems good but i cant see anything

due to an update on all flash i cant see ur text at all please update this and add something to make it see able thanks

Thanks a lot man!

With the help of this movie I was actually able to create a lifelike rendition of myself =) and I had no fuggin clue how to use flash!


Thanks man. I already knew this, but I'd say newbies will find it very useful!
I can see you've put effort into it. Well done.