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Update 5-28-06: Now the music will loop and special thanks to Ultimate tutorials.

Update (5-28-06): I have rename this flash and its stand for Legend of Zelda A Link to the past in case you confuse because the word creater is spelled wrong so I change it to creator.

(Note: You need Flash player 6 or higher). This is scene creator of Zelda verson and this one has a really big background so you have more place to put it. This game is about creating your own scene with sprite and background. I also have Super Mario Scene Creator on newgrounds and you should check it out. (http://newgrounds.com/p
ortal/view/310503). This is really hard working making this flash and this took me about three days of work. I hope you enjoy this game and don't forget to check my other flash.

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This is good enough, and the music is awesome! I remember the nostalgia from playing this game in 4th Grade. However, there is one problem. Whenever I move the background, the sprites stay in that one spot. Let's say I place Link in the center; I move the screen; but Link is still in the middle of the background. So yeah, can you make the sprites stay in one part of the background, when I move it, so that it does not mess up the scene I am making.

i guess its good

its ok but i wont say its good

it good!

I made a scene with this as a fan-made four sword sequel idea that's titled:
The Legend of Zelda -
The Four Sword: The Power of Courage
If you want, I could open up a forum thing on my profile, made for people to post the scenes they created with this!
here's the link for the news post:
http://holyshadow73.newgrounds.com/ne ws/post/622827

2 Uses!

Not only is this really fun, But i found it helpful while attempting to beat ALTTP On my first try. It is easy to use as a mab because everything is where it should be right from the game! 10/10!

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May 3, 2006
10:35 PM EDT
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