Rave: TMG - Slot Machine

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This is my very first flash game so there's no loading screen yet but the loading will take only 2 minutes in a 56k modem.


high score-just cuz its rave ,master

k-full explanantion- just starting being able to read manga, cus i discovered my local librabry has loads-yay. but theres only two i like- and most are crap, i mostly like rave master and D.N angel- be nice to have an authors response, tell me what manga you like

heres my email adress- blink182s_biggest_fan and the rest .com- if you've got msn, why not add me. thanks

lionlancer responds:

Thank you very much for giving this game a high score! Is that only 1 email add? email add supposed to be have no spaces and it isn't in a correct format so i'll just reply here. My most fav anime (i haven't read any manga. if Korean comics is included, that would be ragnarok: into the abyss) are the groove adventure rave (rave master), get backers and saiyuki. their OST also rocks!


Well 1 mystery bonus, and over 2.1 million gil later my 300 spins were over. Wouldn't mind seaking it expanded with multiple pay lines and bets.

lionlancer responds:

Wow! Your lucky! I've got mine 3 times; 1 is while I'm testing the game and 2 are while I'm playing it (on separate game).

great for a mini game

how about a rave flash RPG?

lionlancer responds:

Dude, I'm not that good in to make an RPG. I might make it someday...

It's pretty good

for a slot machine. I liked the various screams of anguish as he continued to lose, and how he changed his basic expression after winning the Special jackpot. The payout is pretty high for a slot machine, though - I wound up with 60k even though I only won 50 times, and only the one big win.

lionlancer responds:

Thanks for the comment. Since it isn't like the REAL slot machine, the jackpots here are only few and most of it is hard to get. It's fine if the payout is high, but the prizes are much higher!

i made the guy cry

it should be easyer to win sound is kind of annoying too

lionlancer responds:

That's why there is an option available. If you hate the soundFX, BG music or his voice, you can turn it off.

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2.38 / 5.00

May 2, 2006
3:20 PM EDT
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