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wild pistol

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Wild Pistol

This version of the game contains 3 levels. To play the remaining 3 levels, go to playnow3Dgames.com

click : shoot
space bar : reload
lower mouse : hide

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I'm sorry, but I really can't see why people like this.

The graphics look hideous, the presentation is lacking and it's just so shallow.

It sounded like the enemy kept saying "f*ck"! I doubt it is that, though. There probably could have been some music for the actual gameplay. Then again, it did make it a bit realistic. I admit the graphics aren't that good. You really CGI stuff that good here.

You good have probably put in more variety. It is kind of interesting to see how the game goes at its own pace. The fact that that they show up at the same time with a timer is kind of neat. The music you have is pretty good. Yeah, not that hard to make good Western music.

a great game

a great game but im gonna have to give it a 9 because on level 3 when i was done killing the 29 th guy the clock counted down from 1:30 and no 30th guy popped up and i failed. but it was a fun game!

nice --

I like your desert shooter better. This one lagged in a few spots, kind of hitched up, froze and went on -- not a HUGE deal, but one you no doubt could fix unless its a problem on my end.

One thing I like about this over the desert one is that theres more cover for the bad guys, but none for you.

The graphics are beautiful and so is the packaging -- ie title and instructions screens splash screen etc. Clearly you take your time and do it right.

Keep it up!

My point of view on playing the game:

-U really have something with good graphics dont u? :)
-Nice sounds to.
-Nice and original hiding control.
-No pause function?
-Bit hard for easy.
-Just passed level one. So far so good. :)
-Tried level to @ medium difficulty but is to hard so back to easy
-Liked how u can pop the bottles on the bar, nice detail :)
-Nice scene.
-hard for easy. Still getting to get the hang of it but dont have time for that cause there a bunch off @ssholes shooting @ me.
-After playing it a bit on medium it seems that easy really is easy lol so all good.
- A bummer... need to go to a external site for more levels, I dont like that. Not @ all. Its ok to praise ur products but dont get them away from newgrounds, that aint cool.