A Bigger Gun

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The lesson here is that some one always has a bigger gun. Sorry if the "USA" part offends anyone.

My first movie.



The overall concept was okay and the drawings were simple, but they were okay too, the animation however was not very good, and could definitely use more detailed movement, and more effort all around.

HackerZC responds:

Back in 2000 I was just a stupid kid, didn't know shit about shit, and had a trial copy of Flash to play with.
It's complete crap. Most of what I made was actually. It's all just a way to waste time and have some fun, and maybe even learn something in the process.

Good job

That is actually pretty good. The "USA" part doesn't seem offensive. So no sweat about it.But like the previous dude said. It is a joke from way back then. Good job for a first.

Very Damn Good

I think this is good in the classic sense. I have seen alot of your work, you need to work on them. This one was better

(The pokemon sextoys were hilarous)

A joke that had been done somewhere else

I'd already seen this exact same joke somewhere else I'm not sure where, but it predates this, I'm pretty certain it wasn't a flash movie, it was just a short sketch I saw somewhere, that was exactly the same as this but with better graphics, animation and sound. Had I not already seen this done before I'd have given you a higher score as the idea would have been a good one and the humor would have been kinda funny, but taking an idea you saw and making a flash movie of it doesn't invlove you thinking anything up, so you lose points.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


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preety boring.

Its short and preety boring, would be better if it had more people(like an army behind both of those two dudes) and bigger and better guns. More blood aswell!

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2.06 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2000
5:17 AM EDT
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