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NSG004: Pico Jr. Jr. 0.6

rated 4.00 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

Credits & Info

Apr 30, 2006 | 8:29 PM EDT

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Author Comments

An experimental form of game - a 1D rhythm-based shoot 'em up.

Danny did all the programming.

read this
Moving/shooting left and right only, Pico Jr. Jr. can shoot bullets out the air. When you click to fire, your firing will be delayed until the next beat - thus the bullets are fired simultaneously, thus you get funky abilities.

Arrows appear to warn of bullets about to be fired or certain danger from above. Firing in the direction the bullets are coming from will blast the bullets out the air. You can also protect yourself with the body shields, which protect in the direction opposite to your movement.

52 years after the events in 'Pico vs Uberkids', the creator of the Uberkids has created a new breed, to kill Pico's grandson - Pico Jr. Jr.

creation story
There was a lot more stuff we had planned. We didn't get it finished though.

Apologies to voice actors who aren't included. We're gonna carry on though and the final version will feature:
- a skippable animation explaining the background story (with lovely painted animation and brilliant voice acting)
- interactive intro
- in-game commentary
- far more time spent on level design and testing
- more enemies and interesting variations on the basic gameplay.
- full soundtrack
- a really excellent ending
- difficulty levels

Hence the v 0.6. We just ran into problems and didn't get it finished in time. Thankfully, we managed to put up something...

I love reviews. Any feedback, specially constructive criticism, is much appreciated.

Stay funky, y'all!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice Game

I liked the graphics in this game. I was quite fond of the backgrounds and how they looked like colored pencils. I also liked how they resembled "Pico School". The music was a nice choice. I liked the idea of using human shields. My favorite part had to be the hilarious "Game Over" pics you used when you died. I liked how you had a different pic for each way you could die.

One thing I didn't like was how you could only shoot left and right. It was hard to shoot the bouncing oppnents because you had to keep moving backwards to avoid them from falling on you and you could either walk under those huge machines or into another enemy. I would of liked if it was kinda like "Thing Thing" were you could shoot in many directions.

Great game

~Review Request Club~

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Bezman responds:

Thanks a lot!

The music was made by the awesome Jadan Paluck (Zenon) specially for the game.

Glad you liked the art. The new background's even better!

The shooting left/right is part of the game's principle and won't change. I just wanted to make a game with 1-dimensional game mechanics and if it was 2-D and not rhythm-based, then shooting bullets out the air wouldn't be so feasible.

Pretend that in this game, Pico Jr Jr is too weak to raise a gun at an angle.

Sad that I'm not gonna change the one 'bad' thing you mentioned, but hopefully we can change bits and bobs to get you liking it a bit more.

Stay funky!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well done!

Well done in this submission! I like the way you worked pencil/crayon drawings into a flash game. Good job!

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Bezman responds:

Thanks you! Glad you liked the art direction.

Your review gets a 6. Could have provided further comments about other specific areas that you liked or disliked.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good and bad

For one this i really loved the animation in this especially the background and the hand drawn pictures when you die excellent job on that but for the actual game it was way to hard.

Bezman responds:

Look out for a new version next year! T'will be more 'accessible'.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Gotta love the techno beats.

This was quite a fun game - I kept getting killed, but I kept replaying it. Well done on making it a compelling game.

The graphics were very normal. Nothing mind-blowing, but pretty enough and certainly watchable. I haven't seen any of your othersubmissions, so I don't know what you're capable of, but from this game I'd say: Work on the graphics a bit.

Style was great. All the animations seemed fluid and the "game over" screens, drawn in...what looked like coloured crayon (?) were something new and.

Violence: Five. Not a little, not a lot. Usually I'd applaud this, but given that it's a Pico game (and the nature of Pico is that he's a badass killer) I would have added more blood, etc.

Interactivity. Hmmn, this was an odd one. The game itself was simple enough (being able to pick up bodies as cover was a nice idea) but there seemed to be little to actually do other than keep clicking the mouse button. I only gave you a 6 because it seemed that there wasn't much for me to do, I don't know if there were power-ups or alternate weapons (I didn't do too well at the game >.<).

Humour: Nill. It's not meant to be funny, so bleh.

Overall you get a seven. This is a pleasant game, took me a while to get to grips with the gameplay. Having not played it in a hardcore manner, I don't know what else this game had to offer. However, if I did manage to see all the game's features then I'd deffinately work on those for future submissions.

It was fun, but limited. I'm sure the deadline didn't help much :)

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Bezman responds:

Thanks for the great review.

Disappointed you didn't like the gfx more. If it's mainly because of the in-game bg, that's understandable. That was a place-holder. But I don't know what you disliked about the gfx so it's a bit hard to work on that...

Game-over screens are pencil (oil-based) then watercolour. So is the bg.

It's my first violent thing. I don't want to make violence a regular theme in my submissions, but fancied trying this idea. I'm gonna put in effect for every shot you fire for the final thing, which we'll do over summer.

Yeah, you technically don't need to do anything other than move and fire, making sure to block enemy fire with your own. Controls are simple but I think there's enough complexity in the enemy attacks.

Did you get past the first level? There's 4 types of enemies - standard, jumpers, homers and the heavies.

Final game will have 3 guns - you kinda get stronger.

Final game will have difficulty levels. You should be able to complete it on the easiest.

I think the final verion might be totally to your satisfaction.

My review of your review:

constructive criticism/suggestions: 9
exposition of experience: 6
praise/encouragement: 9

clarity of expression: 9
elaboration & being specific: 7
coverage (how much): 8

overall: 9

I'd like to know what about the gfx you don't like. Like be slightly more specific. If you could e-mail me and let me know, that'd be awesome.

Cheers again for the thoughtful, thorough review.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

How do you...

How do you pass the first level? The doors are locked...
Also, what are those red circles on the top left corner?

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Bezman responds:

The red circles are a relic and a result of the fact that we were working right until the last minute. Essentially, the dots kinda show when an enemy is gonna spawn or fire, but they were a development tool as players get the arrows anyway.

To complete a level, you simply kill all the enemies. The final game, due next year, should explain it all more clearly.