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Sky Boarder III:Storm

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Welcome for the first time......or again....to the realm of Sky Boarder. This is STRICTLY FOR THE FANS!!! Jump in...see what's new!

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i couldnt even get through the tutorial

so yeah too hard i dont know if it was just me so like yah

im sure it wouldve been great if i olayed it....

Good game all around, but has serious bug issues

The saving thing yeah. Didn't have a problem with it myself using all 3 save slots like you said to, so it wasn't too big a deal on my end. More disturbing was the other bugs...

Frequently the game would only recognize completing certain objectives in a certain order, such as one mission in particular where you had to remain unharmed for 25 seconds. I remained unscathed for three minutes before making the kill quota for a different objective, and could only pick up the 25 second unharmed one after that.

There was a bug that if you picked up a second bomb while holding one already it locks your weapon as a bomb of unlimited use, and can only be reset to your normal waepon by heading home to exchange and re-equip your weapon.

And then there was this really weird thing where I lost almost all control of my guy: he started doing his thing where he auto-melees, then activates his special from almost nil on the meter -- the meter charged during the special. He did this over and over again until you died or exited, the game ignoring all your controls except Q and the arrows, and D to pick a level -- but not to attack normally while in it. The worst part was that this bug saved so when I closed and restarted it was still there D: It too seemed to be cured by exchanging and re-equipping my weapon.

And for some reason the music stopped around the time that the last one happened. It hasn't come back on since the last one vanished either.

Solid game until the bugs cropped up. Graphics were good, loved the RPG element of the sidescroll shooter!

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Real good. 1 bug. i cant load a game

good game but the bug is fuçk!!!


its ok i guess not the greatest flash but a DECENT one............................ but a low decentcy.


This is one of my favorite gametypes. It's like an Actual videogame. Good job.

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3.46 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2006
9:54 PM EDT
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