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The People's Mario

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Based on that silly Rumor saying mario had subliminal communist propaganda.

My 3rd flash, done in 2 weeks, lots of experimenting in this one.
The hammer was used because he had one in Donkey Kong, also it aided to the style.

Thanks for the support! still, it seems this one is getting a score too great, I feel overrated. (way overrated, 1st place?)

edit: fixed the volume of some sounds.

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LOL ! Quite insightful !

Mario look a little bit soviet it today!

Nice design

A nice design here and a cool version of mario well worth the rewards too you outdid yourself on this one very nice work looks awsome


From 2006?
Fuck me...

Actual footage of the October Revolution
(Colorized) (Saint Petersburg Nov 6 - Nov 8, 1917)