Reviews for "The People's Mario"

Yeah! I'm from Great and Evil Russia! And I very pleased with this Movie)

Okay, but where are capitalist cylinders?

fuckin badass bro.

Hallo there!
I rate this movie with 4,5 stars, becouse:
1)"Farewell of Slavianka" - good musical choice.
2)Mario looks like Vlad Impaler and that is awsome .
3)Why you drew white flag with red star ? (http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D4%EB%
4)Tags:thepeoplesmario,mario,nintendo - i think so.
5)russia- is not USSR. USSR was military empire with equality but Russia the country of thiefs, pirates,hackers and drunks , where fallout plays you(exception:big cities like St.Peterburg and Moscow).

This is a great way to show Mario in another light, and it definitely looks like it could be Mario in the same canon. I say that the environment in the Mario universe (first game), is delightfully captured; perhaps it's the themes involved, the author just nails it.