Paper Asteroids

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*edit* added Sound

Asteroids style game, not much to it really



Most stylish asteroids game I've played so far! I love the idea of a paper background, welldrawn and simple graphics and smooth gameplay, twas great fun to play. Keep up the good work!


Very nice.

The person before me took the words right out of my mouth.

Although, next time make it harder...all I had to do was head all the way right and chill 'til my stuff recharged. Other than that it was great. Good Job.

It will kick ass

I love this graphics style, it's simple and original. Playing was fun. Here are some advices.
This game could be 5/5 if:
-You add sounds
-You add enemies and power-ups
-You add levels and other spiels (like cheats or bosses)


I think, because it looks like a game developed when someone should be paying attention in class, you should give it cheesy, man-made sound affects. Like crashes and shots that sound like you made them right into a microphone.

Smith responds:

i like that idea. in fact i already have a game that i started last year that has something a bit like that

Simple, small, and enjoyable

^^Good Points^^
One of the few reasons that I will give a classic type game like this a bad score is because it is unoriginal, however, you managed to not only make this unique graphically, but also game play wise. I liked the energy bar, which gives constant shooting a downfall, and the health bar replenishes at a good rate.

^^Needs Improving^^
Add some sound. I would add some cartoony type sound effects, I think it would go good with the paper style.

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2.98 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2006
12:04 PM EDT
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