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Well so all of you know this was made FOR the movie moonlight, I cannot take credit for the movie, that was Jerry. It is here on newgrounds. http://newgrounds.com/po
rtal/view/183386 that is the movie. But if you view this you can click Watch Movie, than you can watch it.

I made this website for my infotech 10 class. It is my first flash site, but I wanted to present it you fine people. I have permission from Jerry to use it. Soon I am going to make a new version which includes custom buttons, interview with the creator (which is already done), and more. Enjoy and please review :D



this movie left me speechless...

This was awesome

You have a great piece of art infront of you. It's stroy is simple yet it's so artistic and powerful. The animation is perfect and the story line is beatuiful. I think you should try and get it into the oscars for best short animation. You've presented it well and it's very serious yet enjoyable story. Those who critise this have no taste what so ever. People who thought 'stuck on you' was the best film ever or thought Star wars was just o.k. You sir have great talent


it had no piont to it


was an alryt animation however it was a bit jolty and took a while to load

good actually i think it was better

Wasn't really a game but I kind of understand why you did that since it has such an interactive menu which was really nice. The flash itself was sweet. The art and how everything flowed came along quite nicely. The only one issue I had with it was the sound. The music was very suiting especially the graveyard track. That was wicked. But a lot of the sound effects repeated so it didn't get the same effect when there were fight scenes. But other than that I loved it. Great ending too.

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2.49 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2006
12:34 PM EDT
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