Don't eat poop(sub-title)

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This is the same movie as "Don't eat poop" but i put in sub-titles so you will know what they are saying. Please recognize that it is better than half the stuff that ends up in the portal. And leave a comment even if its to say "It SUCKS ASS"

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"You must never eat your poo for breakfast because you may turn into a poo and your mom would know"

Now that's a moral anyone can learn. Hahahah oh man Talk about being so disgusting and bad that it's good

it was funny but...

it could have had beter grapics i understand hiows the sound was so crappy cuse the film was kinda suposed to be...crappy on purpose in a way well not to good u could do beter. bter luck next time hopefuly!


The kid is given cereal, and then grunts when pooping on the cereal! GROSS DUDE!

Wow, that was awful

I looked up "coprophagia" on Wikipedia and this was in the external links. M2 should be happy that it's featured on Wikipedia in the first place.

next time make the voices good

it wasnt very good but i didnt have 2 wait for it 2 load lol

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2.46 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2001
1:44 PM EDT
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