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After 6 months, a sleepless night, and about ten thousand lines of coding, Commando 3 has arrived! Read the instructions carefully, and report any bugs you find - I'll try to fix them and upload a new version ASAP. Be patient until the preloader appears! *v 1.6:* I'm pretty sure I fixed the save bug now. Check the corner of the main menu to see which version you're playing.

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Poor AI, clunky and illogical controls. It was painful to play.

I could not understand this game. I imagine you have to put some more clear directions. I don't even see any troops that I'm sending out. I'm pressing everything I can get my hands on, but nothing seems to work. Besides, the graphics don't seem all that good. I was able to at least advance somewhat in this.

I feel so embarassed for not understanding this game when I've played thousands before. I thought this would be a sequel to the Commando 2 game that I love. I don't think this is it. I guess I was disappointed by that, but it's not your fault. It's nice to see the little details everywhere.

It's a pretty good game, but...

I find it somewhat strange that none of your other soldiers will help their closest ally in a fire fight, the option to attack the nearest enemy soldier should be automatic, not an "ability" for your troops, it's unnecessarily time-consuming, and the minimap on the bottom should be slightly bigger, also, it's awkward that all of your men come out a fair distance from each other when they appear on the battlefield, that makes it even more difficult to control them effectively, they should really appear at a "rally point" of sorts so that you know where they come from and can organize where you want them to go and attack. It's a game with great promise, but there are TONS of things that really, really, REALLY need improvement.

daily feature? ha. maybe on april fools day.

i played five minutes of this so-called RTS and was amazed at how you had improved. but its not that hard to improve on garbage. but i have a few questions for you. how come you couldn't build the barracks, airfield, and tech center. isnt the point of the RTS to overwhelm the enemy base? well thast what ithought. you still have some no. scratch that. you still have a SHITLOAD of work to do before you make something thats actually worth the five minutes i just spent. maybe someday 10. but until that day...


very good