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Parabola V4

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Author Comments

!- Press "space" to switch soundtrack.
!!- Pess "backspace" at any time during gameplay to return to main menu

This is my best and probably last version of the physics based Parabola series. It took me a lot of work.
I hope you like it as much as I do.

All you have to do is throw electrons at a power cell as softly as possible to minimise power loss upon asborbtion; if your throw is very good, you get a bonus 50% power for your next hit!. For people who havn't played the previous versions, i strongly recomend you go though the practice mode first (If you itend to use "toss" mode).

This version now has 6 levels and 2 modes of play; "toss" mode lets you literaly toss the electrons around, and drag mode is easier and more precise, but takes more time.

I have listened to every comment on the past game to develop this one, including, changing a soundtrack, improving the sound system, adding more levels and the new mode... which Rocks!!! Well... like it! like it! like it!!

Anyway, i have started a post in the forums labled "Parabola v4" if you see a bug or would like to make sugestions feel free to do so through the forums... or as a review!

*EDIT* lvl 5 altered

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Very Good!!

Like my previous reviews, I have to say I am impressed, I really like physics and this game has cool effects showing physics, so once again congratulations and thanks for this great games.

Alphabit responds:


much better

you were right this one is much better, well done

Alphabit responds:

Cool, thanks a lot!

Interesting game.

I found drag much more enjoyable than toss. I didn't feel like I had as much "control" with toss.

Consider fixing the error in the instructions. "Dammaged" has one "m". Sentences should begin with an uppercase letter...

Some reward for beating the game would be nice. Some SFX and animation.

Thanks for the game!

Alphabit responds:

LOL one M really, lol i shoudl re-check that, its one of those spelling mistakes that you tend to think as correct, a bad habbit.
Yeah i prefer the Drag mode too.


Yup, I think you're close to perfection. Nice game, original idea, good music and off course the interactivity is good. 5/5

Alphabit responds:

tyvm, it's nice to see my work finally pay off, after 4 versions, thousands of lines of code and hours of hard thinking and developing the physics engine.

hard cuz i have a touchpad

but really good, fun, original, and great soundtrack. i also like the different modes, touch or drag, and finaly someone who names the degrees of dificulty something other the easy medium and hard. gj.

Alphabit responds:

yeah, i tried it with a touchpad, i understand what you mean =)
lol yeah i get sick of easy medium hard
or begginer, novice, expert.