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Arcane Castle

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The castle is under attack. Use your magic spells and athletics to save the castle. You learn more spells as you go, so the game feels different after a few levels. There's difficulty levels and level select for you if you want to use them. Have fun! :D

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Well I have to say that this was a rather simple game but it had some nice elements about it was pretty good "ACTION" about it and was overall a fun game, love the "EFFECTS" but wouldnt mind more flashier effects on a more intense level, but anyways nice little game you have here.

wouldnt mind more flashier effects on a more intense level


I have to admit that it did get me motivated to play it. This was a fairly good game. What I like the most about it is how funky the music is. It really gives you the sense of being in a fast paced game, which you of course are. It was nice to have those explosions. I don't seem to do well with ducking.

I now realize the bar is the health one. I thought it was maybe telling me how far I had gotten. I don't know if this game ever ends. You need to remember to always jump over everything. I don't know how much power you can get with your explosions and how long.

I guess the purpose of this game is to make me forget how my brain connects to my hands xD
I love this, I loved it when I played it in 2006, and I will probably always love it :D Great soundtrack too, props to everyone!

Wow that's hard

I mean like really hard


The game is, awesome. It is very simplistic graphics-wise and in gameplay. It gets harder as you proceed yet gets you all the time. The rules are easy to learn. The innovation and originality is brilliant in every aspect. The idea to have ways of encountering enemies and defeating them with the complexity of the buttons whilst in an on-rail platformer is incredibly interesting and enjoyable, it gives variety and mental torture to an otherwise simple flash game. It shows how gameplay isn't about graphics or specificity, it's about having fun.

It is hard at first, you'll have to adapt to more buttons and enemy variety--very addictive and original. The big verdict is an 8/10, a great game!