Springbot 2

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in the first game you had to escape from your creators, and now you are on a mission to free your comrades from the same evil corperation... thing.
Improvements over the last game: guns, 3 unlockable characters, faster jump charges, saving, 20 levels, & 4 boss battles.

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Well, I couldn't have much fun with this, mostly because I didn't know how to play it at first. I managed to get a better understanding, but it still wasn't that rewarding. I just don't think it's that much fun when everything's so ambiguous. I do like the sounds of this. In fact, I think this game could have worked better as a music one! The drawings could have been better.

I guess it was fairly unique. I didn't like how it took so long to take out an enemy. I don't have much means of defense. You should have equipped me with lasers or something. It's an interesting experience, but not really worth my time.


Its nearly impossible i think in stage 2 in a part there is two laser cannon and when i charge jump im hit by spikes!

Yeah... so fast.

I... tried to play through this game as best as I could, but everything goes a little too fast. Like, I thought I was dodging some of the hits, and they just were hitting me every time. I couldn't make it past the third level, I think, because two enemies were throwing rock lasers at me, and I was trying to dodge them, but then the other one would hit me square on in mid-jump. Finally, i died when I thought I was dodging all the ones up top..

The game's way too fast to apply real ability to it. I think it just takes a lot of luck, and the game's just not fun enough to practice. Also, I don't really think you should've said "and yet you gave it straight 10's?" to someone that just pointed out a glitch, but liked the game.. That's kind of... unnecessarily mean.

I tried playing the last game, but the block wouldn't move when I slashed at it.


i think there is something wrong with the boss in the space level i killed him then he came back to life and was invincible

Hazard-Productions responds:

and yet you gave it straight 10's?


This game is really unique and very fun! I found this game very addictive and love the why it is sooooo different. U mite not like it because it is too different and u mite like classics. I love classics as well but i think we all have a hole in our hearts which we can fill with this game to feel WHOLE!!!! *cpugh*cheesy/corny*cough*

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4.30 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2006
12:19 AM EST
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