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Trusellius the (character we play) is in search for the titan gear! so go on help him find it!

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Good things: Very beautiful game. Nice backgrounds, beautiful sounds and interesting story.
Game gives a nice feeling of a cinematic journey.

Bad things: Disappointing ending, difficult jumps due to smallness of character, all enemies are archers, character could have an actual melee attack and some melee enemies.


What was the point of walking up to a guy and taking the money?!? and the thousands of traps! (<<<exaggerating) they don't even give a warning when a bridge tile would fall out after you jumped over a gap!(hint hint)

Too unexpected!

Dude , this game has way too many traps in it that I can't even see! Like the trap at the bridge! One of the planks will just unexpectedly break and then you will fall down and die! The traps can't even be seen , so you will not be able to avoid it , and that is why you can die very easily in this game , so make it so that we can actually see the traps instead of making them all hidden!


graphics were good but too many traps and they dont even say were you should say too attack just walk up too them when i started i was like shit how do i attack?? then i later founf out just walk up to them then we come to the bridge.....the freaking bridge broke without cracking no noise sound affects sucked right there then i got it then we go to forrest where we have to poay 20 bucks to pass or die ?? what the hell i tried beting them there tough so we lose 20 gold alreayd and then we go to city where we have to pay 50 gold for a freaking boat!!!? so we lose alot of money there then we go further in the game we get too this weird unfinished bridge i guess and try to walk u fall down.... try to jump u fall down...right there i was like wtf?? what happened can we even get accross...yeah you can but where u have too jump is totaly random putting something there too show us where to jump and on the bridge same thing put a crack on the board thats gonna break i could go on but im sure you can figure the rest out lol but yeah some graphics were good not that great tobecuba was exagerating a little lol but besides that pretty good game


The backround here are pure art, really those backrounds are awesome and the game is ADDICTING, actually the first part and the Bridge is boring but then it get better and better and the storyline is awesome, although there are a few things to revise, probably some other users have told you this but i just want to tell it again


- There is no attack botton, you just have to walk over the enemies to kill them
- The archers always throw their arrows at the same place, they don't point to you but to the ground
- Trusellius walk TOO slow

ok after all this is not the best i have played but it's very addictive, maybe is because of the storyline or I really don't know exactly but it do is addictive so for the backrounds and for the addictions a 8/10

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2006
2:18 PM EST