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Goku the Real Story: ep 4

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Ep 4 is here!
Goku's inner defences begin to crumble as he launches himself into the seedy nighlife of swinger city, intent on having a good time.
MEANWHILE Vegetta aggressively defends his title as #1 arrogant badass of the planet, but will Arnie take his punishment like a man?

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i love when vegeta first fought arnold man was that funny as hell!!


man, that was fuckin' awesome, dude! the fight with Arnie and Vegeta left me in tears! say, what was the song used in their battle sequence, dewd? ^^;

That was funny like always

But this time it was even funnier!!!


This was sooooooooooo fucking funny! You make better and better episodes! I mean, I think the first was the funniest, but here the idea with the other cartoon characters was hilarious... Not 2 mention the athmospheric waterballon... And the secret bar with a sign on the main road... :-DD And when the scene ended with Goku, I loved the music. (didn't make no sence, right? oh, well)
I laughed my butt off.