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*update 04/07/09: looking back on this game i made in high school... its not bad lol

but to be honest the 1 PLAYER isnt that great because i couldnt program proper AI...

but if u have a friend with u i REALLY RECOMMEND 2 PLAYER. i battled all my friends in high school and it was really fun. good times.

Although its only my first submission... its probably the most complete of the three... (I had a lot of free time back then...).

Some good points and bad points about this game...

+: Unique style of 1 on 1 gameplay.
+: Intense 2-Player battle.
+: 5 levels of challenging enemies (1 Player).
+: 2 playable ships (Each with a different style of control and 3 unique combinations of weapons).
+: Decent graphics.
+: Decent choice of music.

-: No sfx.
-: Button mashing in 2-player mode can cause glitching.
-: Simple AI system.
-: Complex gameplay.
-: Slightly unbalanced weapons.
-: Might not run at the desired framerate (For people with old computers... like me...).

Also, here is some more info on the enemies:
Level 3: (HEAL) This ship has the ability to heal both shield AND armor. This will occur whenever GREEN rings pulse out of the ship.
(STEALTH) This ship also has the ability to double its speed. This will occur whenever WHITE rings pulse out of the ship.
Level 4: (FLASH) This ship will sometimes release a blinding light that momentarily turns the entire screen white.
(HEAL) This ship can also heal. However, it is at a much faster rate.
Level 5: (FREEZE) Whenever this ship turns the entire screen blue you will be unable to fire any projectiles. (that is the shock ray and smart bomb won't fire even though they are already charged)
Also, if you're wondering how to damage the level 5 ship... that's for you to figure out :).



This IS the worst game ever. Alien ships keep trying to go on me,cpu on MIsson 4 keeps regenerating full hp,human ships suck,and wtf does energy field do??

The worst game on newgrounds

This has to be the most terrible game I've ever played. The campain's so easy. The CPU just follows you wherever you go, no dodging or anything. The models suck. It's like a wraith from starcraft versus a... circle. It can't even handle 2 player mode because of exessive button mashing. Worst game. Ever.

K-Dm responds:


decent game,

the special wasn't that special, but the weapons were ok, cya


This sucks... the second set of controls doesnt work and you fight 1 enemy at a time, I mean WTF?

awesome but.........

make more ships and weapons,it will help.

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3.34 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2006
10:29 AM EST
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